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Age: 23
Desires: Just Dating, Friends

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Age: 28
Desires: Relationship, Friends With Benefits

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Age: 31
Desires: Relationship, Dating

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Age: 22
Desires: Short Term, Long Term, Dating

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Age: 33
Desires: Dating, Long Term Relationship

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Age: 32
Desires: Dating, Casual Relationship

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Age: 25
Desires: Short Term, Long Term

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Age: 26
Desires: Dating, Relationship

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Age: 32
Desires: Dating, Relationship

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Age: 23
Desires: Dating, Short Term, Long Term

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Age: 25
Desires: Dating, Relationship


Age: 22
Desires: Dating, Relationship

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Interested In Reading A Little Bit About The History of Dating? Take A Look At Some of Our Articles!

Historically, dating was a form of courtship for marriage.  It was based on economic and social status as opposed to love or lust.  In modern times, dating has retained some century old traditions, but it has also become less formal.  Today, dating is a social activity for two people to assess their compatibility for a romantic relationship.  Dating usually includes an activity, such as a meal, a movie, or some other form of entertainment or leisure activity.  It can be initiated by one of the individuals or by a third party, such as a parent, mutual friend, or matchmaker. 

Dating etiquette varies among cultures.  Traditionally, courtship was initiated by men who would be responsible for arranging the date and paying for any activities.  However, it has become increasingly acceptable for females to ask for a date and either share the bill or take care of it entirely.  In addition to the traditional one-on-one dates, there is also double dating, which is when two couples go out together.  A blind date is when the two individuals have not met previous to the date together.  Long distance dating is a term for two individuals who live far from each other and only go on dates when they are in the same vicinity. 

Single Women

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding single women.  Recent studies have shown that many people assume single women are lonely, insecure, and stubborn.  On the contrary, many single women are actually happy, healthy, and enjoying life.  That doesn’t mean that they’re not looking for partners to share their lives with.  While many people rely on serendipity to introduce them to single women and future romantic partners, others are taking the reins and making their own destiny.  So where can you find single women?  One of the best places to find single women who are looking for relationships is on an internet dating service.

An internet dating site is an online service where users can create profiles and browse the profiles of other users with hopes of developing a relationship.  Different dating sites attract different types of single women.  Certain sites are geared towards singles looking for marriage, a casual relationship, or partners with specific backgrounds or interests.  Before you sign up for a dating site, consider what type of singles you’d like to meet so that you can find a site that best fits your relationship preferences.  Consider religion, cultural background, race, age, location, and marital status.  Or you can sign up for a general dating site that caters to general singles.

Men Seeking Women

In the past, men seeking women had limited options for finding their next date.  In order to meet women, men had to go to social venues, like bars, clubs, or concerts, hoping to charm a fellow patron and, ultimately, get a phone number.  Or, men seeking women had to wait for their friends, parents, or even grandparents, to introduce them to a potential companion.  But now, men seeking women don’t have to rely on the same old bar pick-up lines or their doting grandparents.  From online newspaper personals to dating websites, today the internet has countless options for men seeking women.
If you’re one of the many men seeking women out there, the first thing you need to do is find an internet site that best suits your dating preferences.  What kind of relationship are you looking for?  What kind of women?  There are general dating websites that cater to almost all men seeking women, where you can identify what you’re looking for in a mate.  There are also dating websites that cater to a more specific group of people.  For example, you can find dating websites for men seeking women based on religion, location, race, or even special interests and hobbies.  For most of these sites you’ll be required to post a profile that includes personal information and a photo.  Fees, memberships, and other services can vary, so do your homework before you sign up!

Single Men

Are you looking for single men?  You’re in luck; you have dozens of options.  Meeting single men used to be limited to matchmakers, serendipity, or going to a bar on a Friday night.  While those options are still perfectly viable, you can also find single men on internet dating sites.  There are options for everyone.  Dating sites have grown exponentially in recent years as a means of finding relationships.  In fact, they combine newspaper personal ads and matchmaking into one service.  Different sites cater to different types of people depending on your preferences.  Whether you’re looking for single men who are religious, into rock climbing, or are millionaires, there’s a dating site for you! 

Similar to traditional dating etiquette, a lot of the correspondence between single men and women online is male dominated.  While anyone can initiate conversation, it seems that men are more likely to take the reins and wink, smile, or message a female counterpart.  The benefit to using dating websites is that you can browse single men by your personal preferences, including height, age, location, and educational history.  Similarly, men can do the same for you.  Keeping that in mind, it’s important to be honest in your online dating profile to attract the single men that are looking for the real you.