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Have you recently broken up with a girlfriend?  Are you trying to win back your wife or ex?  Breakups are emotionally painful experiences, and sometimes you feel desperate to do anything to get her back.  Unfortunately, out of desperation, men make the kinds of mistakes that absolutely crush any chance of winning your woman back.  In an effort to win your girlfriend back, you may try to beg, plead, buy her flowers, shower her with compliments and gifts, or promise that you’ll change for the better.  Unfortunately, none of these tactics work to win your girl back.  In fact, they’ll probably push her farther away.  So how do you get your woman back?

The first place to start is with yourself.  You need to understand why the relationship ended and how both of you contributed to its demise.  Did you break up because you had an affair?  The affair could have been a result of your relationship’s lack of intimacy, which may have been caused by your lack of interest which may have been caused by her mutual lack of interest.  If so, then the affair wasn’t so much the cause of the break-up as was the lack of mutual attraction and intimacy.  In order to win your women, wife, or girlfriend back, you need to take the time to figure out how both you and your ex can make an effort to meet both of your needs.  Once that has been established, you can let your ex know that you’d like to talk about what went wrong and how you want to fix things for the better. 


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Are you trying to win your man back?  Has your husband or boyfriend left you and you’re trying to get him back?  Before you make any irrational moves, let’s consider your options.  The first step in getting your ex back is asking yourself why you want him back.  Many people can confuse missing company, intimacy, and self-confidence with missing a specific ex boyfriend or husband.  Ask yourself, what do you miss?  Do you miss your ex or just the idea of him?  If you get back together, are things going to change?  Are you going to change?  Is he?  Trying to win your man back can be an emotional undertaking.  If you’re sure it’s something you want to do, here are a few steps to follow.

Before you try to get your boyfriend back, here are things you should not do.  Do not flood his phone or email with texts, voicemails, or emails.  You want to give your ex boyfriend time to clear his head.  You should also take time to figure out exactly why you broke up.  Was it because you were misbehaving?  Was it because you were too needy, emotional, or unsupportive?  Be flexible.  If you want to get your husband back, you need to figure out ways to compromise to meet both his needs and your own.  A relationship is dependent on mutual communication and understanding.  The first place to start in getting back your man is understanding how you can make your relationship work for the better and letting him know you want to try again.