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Age: 26
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Age: 31
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Age: 32
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Desires: Short Term, Dating

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Personals are advertisements in a newspaper or online that advertise suitors for a relationship.  The ad usually specifies the kind of relationship sought, including romance, friendship, or casual.  Traditionally, personals were included in the classified section of newspapers and were purchased by individuals based on the number of characters and words.  As a result, personals developed an entire language of acronyms to fit more information into the small space provided.  Common acronyms in personals include: SWF, Single White Female; M4F, Man Seeking Woman; and ISO, In Search Of. 

The internet has become a popular place for personals.  Personals sites allow users to create a profile to attract others for a relationship, where they can include personal information and photographs.  Most sites require monthly subscription fees to use their services.  Some, however, are free and rely on advertising to produce revenue.  Additionally, there are personals sites that cater to every type of individual interest, preference, and type, including religion, race, age, marital status, and location.  Prior to signing up with a personal site, you should determine what kind of relationship you want to pursue.  While the majority of users are on the site for the same reasons as you, there are also scams and unsafe individuals out there looking to take advantage of naive users.  Some sites screen users with background checks; regardless, be circumspect of anyone that seems sketchy.